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The “I Don’t Care Girl”

Starting the in-depth research and scheming on this brand new play – Canadian-born vaudeville star Eva Tanguay was a complete original. The top-paid and top-billed star in New York City of her time, she was known as the “girl who made vaudeville famous”. She was most famous for her song “I Don’t Care” that thumbed its nose at the propriety of the day and at any person who would deny her the spotlight. Other notable persons of the time were compared to her, including Roosevelt who was known as the “Eva Tanguay of politics”. The I Don’t Care Girl follows Eva’s deliberate and calculated rise to fame. She encounters notable persons during her rise, including the songstress Sophie Tucker who she considers a rival. As the times change and Eva fails to transfer her talents to the film industry, she finds herself alone and ill on the West Coast.

The I Don’t Care Girl will use vaudeville-era spectacle to explore the consequences of pursuing celebrity, fame and ‘legacy’. It will follow an extraordinary relationship that begins in a system that requires women to compete against each other, but that ends by celebrating female friendship. As it turns out, the ‘I Don’t Care Girl’ actually cares the most – about being loved for her work and for herself.