West of the 3rd Meridian

2 Actors: 1 Female (plays multiple ages), 1 Male (plays multiple ages)
One Act
Running Time: 95 Minutes

merĭ’dĭan: n. & a. circle passing through celestial poles and zenith of any place on earth’s surface; corresponding line on a map; point at which sun or star attains highest altitude; prime, full splendour

Meridian is a prairie ghost story. It is a two-actor play set in a farmhouse on the edge of the prairie, which is also the central character of the story. Moments keep replaying in the space, the audience taken on a backwards progression in time. The play tackles the ideas of expectation, loss and haunting. West of the third meridian is a physical location. Rural sites are identified with a series of locators, one of which is the site’s relation to the meridians. The meridian is also the pinnacle, the best, the highest point of a star. This play is populated with characters that haunt a location full of raised and lowered expectations and who find softness in falling just a bit short.


A strong piece of work
See Magazine

“Highly Recommended!”
CBC Radio One

“Proves that no matter whether Michael Jackson or Al Jolson is playing the teen hits of your day, the human heart is the same old organ.”
Edmonton Journal