The Auction

2 Actors: 1 Female (30s/40s), 1 Male (30s/50s)
Running Time: 25 Minutes

Kate has had enough. Ernie has brought enough auction junk home to fill a caboose in the west pasture. She throws his latest purchase at him and locks him out of the house.

As he figures out a way to get back inside to the waiting dinner, they both discover that they’ve been avoiding something for way too long. This celebrated short play tackles how we keep going when no-one and nothing has lived up to our expectations.

The Auction has won many awards when presented in One Act Festivals. It is also a scene in the full-length West of the Third Meridian. (See Full Length Plays)

Ernie: I went to this auction to get something for you

Kate: I don’t need any dishes

Ernie: Not the dishes. Something else.

Winner of the 2004 Best Short Play Award from the Writer’s Guild of Alberta