The Trophy Hunt

During Fringe 2019, a world premiere play, The Trophy Hunt, will be performed as a ‘rolling world premiere’ at Fringe festivals across Canada. Based on the ‘rolling world premiere’ concept used by the National New Play Network in the U.S., separate teams of professional artists will interpret and present the same text in different ways  – some will be site-specific, some conventional, some even outside! An ambitious project led by amazing Canadian artists from across the country. More details, including artistic teams and participating cities, to come.

Go on a hunt to stalk something wild and dangerous…you just might find it.

Parker has waited his whole life for this trip. Jan follows this same path and makes this same trip every day, there is still some enjoyment in nature. Soraya wishes they’d all leave her alone on her beach vacation.

The Trophy Hunt is an exploration of who eats who in our canned hunt of a world where everything is observed, everything a zoo. 

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