Grand Ghosts

9 Actors – 4 women, 4 men, 1 any gender/non-binary. Diverse casting encouraged.
Two Acts
Running time: 100 minutes

On December 2, 1919, theatre magnate Ambrose Small sold all of his theatre holdings for a record sum. That very day, he disappeared. In his wake, Ambrose left behind his enormous fortune, a jealous wife, a disgruntled employee, gambling buddies, a mistress, and a ghostly mystery waiting to be solved. Grand Ghosts is a ghostly, vaudeville-inspired mystery about the true-life disappearance of Ontario theatre tycoon Ambrose Small that explores entitlement –  what people will do to get what they think they deserve.

World Premiere at The Grand London October 2022 directed by Jillian Keiley. Grand Ghosts was developed through the Compass New Play Development Program at The Grand.

Grand Ghosts is an achievement that won’t soon be forgotten…This show grabs the audience from the opening moment and the actors never let go until the final curtain delivering one delicious moment after another to tell the story leading up to Small’s disappearance in the first act with the second act devoted to solving the mystery…Grand Ghosts is an artistic achievement, one that should be shared with Canadian audiences well beyond the ghostly haunts of The Grand Theatre.

London Free Press

Grand Ghosts is the perfect feel-good show for the spooky season and a true celebration of theatre.